28 Feb 2014

Loving: Watching 2 Broke Girls!! I can't stoooop

Excited about: It's Carnival season so COSTUME PARTIES YAY!!!

Eating: A bit unhealthy lately. Having no time can be a bitch!!

Drinking: Cold cocoa! My drink to go! 

WearingMy favourite polka dot scarf and converse!

ReadingJuliet Naked - Nick Hornby

Listening to:  Daley-Days and Nights

Feeling: All over the place. 25 is a weird age.

Doing: Looking for a job to be honest.

What would be on your list?



  1. Hi, nice blog you've got there, I really like the layout! I've just gotta say, I was actually listening to Daley when I read this post, which I thought was pretty funny so I thought I'd let you know haha Sorry for the randomness! Christine xx


  2. Wow your blog is lovely :D good job :)

    would mean a lot if you would check out my blog http://myroutinesjade.blogspot.co.uk/

  3. Haha I like how you said 25 is a weird age...so is 22...maybe just being in your 20's is odd... :)


  4. I always enjoy this kind of posts! Hope you're having a great weekend and good luck with the job hunting! :)


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